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My name is Hande, I am a mother, doula and birth educator. I started my doula journey in Turkey and continue in London. I provide physical and psychological support to pregnant women without judgment. I keep space in these magical and special processes. Before becoming a doula, I was an industrial engineer. I worked in the private sector for a long time. Then, with the birth of my child, changes began in my life. I found the strength to look for the job I really wanted to do with the birth of my child. The working mechanism of the human body has always fascinated me. The more I got into the female body and wisdom, the more I wanted to explore and learn. Therefore I got training on childbirth, the female body, and the human body. I read books and did research.

Training, Seminars, Workshops Attended:



Birth Doula

  • Before the Labour
    • to discuss your needs and priorities, explore any fears or concerns and to plan how we might best work together.
    • look at your birth preparation
    • I acquaint you with some of the comfort measures I have found helpful in the past.
    • Provide consultation by phone (or email)
  • At the Labour I will
    • provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the birthing mother and partner. (massage, suggesting a change of position, breathing techniques. ect)
    • Ensure your comfort and peace within your own birthing space
  • After the Labour
    • I remain with you after birth, until you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together. ( support skin-to-skin contact with the baby and laid-back breastfeeding etc)
    • After birth I will visit you to help you settle at home with your new baby.
    • Provide consultation by phone (or email) during the few weeks after birth.

Birth Educator

    • I organize various training sessions on birth, prenatal and postnatal and baby care. Both group and individual trainings are provided.

Prenatal Plan Support

    • I support you with various techniques and work so that you can find the birth you want.
    • We are also talking about questions and issues that will be useful for you to ask yourself and the birth participants before the birth.

Happy Pregnant


Hande was the magic touch of my pregnancy journey, which I started by thinking that I was alone with a lot of unknowns. As I live abroad, I can't thank you enough for giving me the warmth of a sister and even a mother at my birth, rather than a doula. I am so glad that our paths crossed and I am glad that you shared your light with me 🙏🏼 while pregnancy is such a great adventure in itself, I am very, very lucky that you held my hand at the end of that road and offered me a safe harbor to take shelter in.


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